If you want to spend a week in Portugal and dive, this is the right plan for you. "Lisbon and Diving" gives you plenty of time to know the city area and lots of advice on what to do and visit. And don't forget, we can plan a different location and balance between diving and visiting.

From £817.36

$981 US or 899 euro
With 10% discount
Save £90.82

8 days program with 5 days diving, 10 dives of your choice, program for 2

Lisbon, Cascais or Estoril (other locations available)

Sesimbra, Cascais and Fonte da Telha (other areas available)

8 days, 7 nights in a 3-star hotel or apartment in Lisbon (room for 2) + car with pre-programmed GPS for 5 days (free for your discretionary use during the 5 days diving and for you to go from the hotel to the diving site) + 1 night visiting Lisbon with a Buddy including a fantastic dinner in a Fado Restaurant

This package includes local support during your stay; If you want to add something different or to change the timeline, just talk to us.


We will arrive at Humberto Delgado Airport.
For you to have an independent and quiet stay, we will provide a car with a pre-programmed GPS. This will give you the opportunity to drive around Lisbon (in the GPS, you have the 2 or 3 must-see sites to visit like the Serra de Sintra), but also to get to the diving centres. No need to worry about any trip, you will be guided by the previously programmed GPS.


The first 2 days diving will take you to Sesimbra.
Sesimbra is a welcoming village, which was once almost exclusively a residence and place of work for fishermen. The selected dive sites are located in a protected marine reserve. You will find many species during your dives, guaranteed. You will dive probably at Jardim das Gorgonias and the River wreck.
After the dives our suggestion is that you stay for a while Visit the villa and have lunch, no need to go far, there are lots of restaurants where you can have a wonderful meal. Our suggestion fresh fish, what else? You are going to dive in the Sesimbra region, one of the preferred diving areas near Lisbon 


It's Cascais time!
Cascais has always been the summer retreat of the Portuguese nobility. Today, the city is an elegant fusion of nineteenth-century decorative architecture and modern tourist facilities. Underwater, you will surely have fun because you get quiet dives here, full of life and seabed rich in flora and rock formations. From the dive centre to your preferred spot it's a short boat ride. But you'll enjoy it greatly. You'll get to see the Cascais coast from the sea, and it's always truly special. Some of the dive spots that we would choose are Pata Roxas and Pedra Furada. Enjoy!


Maybe you've never heard of the Fonte da Telha beach. Realise this: after this day, all your friends will know of ear-say. Your say. And they will want to come too... It is your last day diving, so we left the best for the last. Diving Fonte da Telha it's a unique experience, even the getting on the boat, going to the diving spot. Unique.



On the night of the 6th day, it is time to try something special. Something that you only get in Lisbon. Something different, a dinner in the Fado restaurant we've reserved for you. An experience you'll never forget.


Surface interval, yes, it has to be.
Take the day to walk trough this beautiful city one last time. You will have time to go to one of many "miradouros", perfect spots to have a glance of the city that you've chosen to be the perfect base for the diving plan assisted you on building.


Time to say goodbye. It's departure day.
If you want us to take you to the airport remember to call your Portugal Dive Buddy.

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