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  • 1 day dive experience for beginners

  • Briefing, shallow water skills plus proper dive (to max 6M)

  • Option for extra dive(s) to 12M

  • Explore amazing coral reefs off Koh Tao and Nangyuan

  • Experienced instructors and small groups

  • Includes all dive gear

  • Can be credited towards PADI Open Water Course

  • Choice of accommodation


If you’d like to try scuba diving in Koh Tao and are short on time or

aren’t sure about committing to a full course, ‘PADI Discover Diving

is a great option.

Under the close supervision of our experienced instructors you’ll

get to explore Koh Tao’s coral reefs, right down to a maximum

depth of 12M in an exciting single-day session.

And if you are keen to dive more, after completing the intro dive

you can make additional dives, or credit the experience towards

the PADI Open Water Course.


We’ll meet at 11:00am, and will begin with your instructor giving a short presentation on the basics of how scuba diving equipment works along with some safe diving practices.

We’ll then pack our scuba gear and board the Simple Life dive boat to head out to one of Koh Tao’s shallow coral reef dive sites. Depending on the conditions this could be the Japanese Gardens at Koh Nangyuan, Mango Bay at the North of Koh Tao, or even Aow Leuk on the East coast of the island.

Your instructor will help you don your scuba gear, go through pre-dive safety checks then we’ll enter the water. Beginning in very shallow water you’ll get used to breathing underwater, and practice a few simple scuba skills to build up your confidence.

Once that’s complete and you are feeling comfortable it’s time for the best bit; an underwater tour of the coral reef. Your instructor will guide you on a tour the corals and marine life, right down to a maximum depth of 6 metres. You can expect to see lots of coral species (hard brain & pore corals, sea whips and gorgonian fans) and many tropical fish species such as butterfly and angelfish, pink anemone fish, moray eels, wrasses, stingrays and more.

Following the dive we’ll return to the dive boat for a short rest, after which you’ll have the opportunity to make an optional second dive where we can explore even deeper to a depth of 12M, enjoy a some snorkelling, or even just relax in the sunshine on the boat.

Finally we’ll return to the dive shop at about 17:00pm.

If after the intro dive you are keen to continue, a couple of options are available. You can sign up for more intro dives the following day, or credit the intro dive towards the PADI Open Water Course. (This will take a further three days and will qualify you to dive to 18M anywhere worldwide).

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