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Our Sea Fun LoveScuba Package Offers a Diverse Range of Dive Site Environments in Phuket

From deep offshore pinnacles to calm sandy bays. During your stay in Phuket, you will have the opportunity to dive at the following world renowned sites with the PADI 5* rated Sea Fun Divers. 

Diving Shark Point Phuket

Shark Point (Hin Musang) consists of a series of seven pinnacles.

This dive site near Phuket is a Marine Sanctuary since 1991.

The main pinnacle, known as number 1 just peaks out of the water. Most of the diving is centered on around here and pinnacle number 2.

The pinnacles are covered with an array of colorful marine life. Look out for the large gorgonian sea fans, Pink & Purple soft corals.

An abundance of mushroom coral, seahorses, sand dwelling leopard sharks, bamboo sharks all make up for scuba diving here a wonderful experience not to be missed.

Shark Point Dive Site facts:

  • Location: Shark Point Marine Sanctuary – 25km East of Phuket.

  • Site Depth: 0 – 28 meters

  • Site Visibility: 5 – 40 meters

  • Currents: Variable

  • Difficulty Rating: Easy Diving

The Phuket fisherman call it Hin Musang. The Phuket diving community calls it Shark Point , due to the frequent Leopard Shark sightings. The site consists of a series of seven pinnacles

Shark Point’s main pinnacle, known as number 1, just peaks out of the water. Most of the diving takes place around here and on pinnacle number 2.

Covered in soft corals with and presents plenty of colorful marine life, look out for the large gorgonian fans, soft corals, an abundance of mushroom coral, seahorses, sand dwelling leopard sharks, bamboo sharks all make up for scuba diving here a wonderful experience not to be missed.

Diving Anemone Reef

Anemone Reef, situated in a Phuket marine park, is a submerged pinnacle located close to Shark Point which is also a famouse Diving Phuket site. The diving here is amazing due to its extensive fields of sea anemone, soft corals and fish.

Gentle leopard sharks are usually found together with some massive schools of snappers, fusiliers and some larger pelagic such as tuna and barracuda.

A resident leatherback turtle can be seen feeding and resting in the crevice of rocks. For the macro enthusiasts, nudibranch’s, sea slugs, and juvenile morays are there for your trained eyes to discover!

Anemone Reef Dive Site facts:

  • Location: 26km from Ao Chalong, Phuket Island

  • Site Depth: max 30m

  • Site Visibility: 10 – 20 Meters

  • Currents: Mild to Moderate

  • Difficulty Rating: All divers, beginner +++

Diving the King Cruiser

The King Cruiser was originally an 85 meter passenger ferry from Phuket to Phi Phi. On the 4th May 1997 the King Cruiser strayed off course and hit Anemone Reef. The ship sunk in less than one hour with all passengers making it safely off.

Years later the King Cruiser wreck provides the Phuket diving community with a great wreck with a huge amount of marine life to investigate.

Check out huge schools of lion fish, rare nudibranch’s and the odd turtle. The wreck it self is very interesting but unfortunately is collapsing each year, making it not safe to go inside.

During the monsoon months in the last 2 years, the top and passenger decks collapsed and created a “wreckage” out of our Wreck!

A resident turtle has moved in and live underneath the wreckage, and school of rabbit fish, travellies, and snappers are among its neighbors. Also found here are larger in size porcupine fish, common lionfish, and scorpion fish blending into the hul.

King Cruiser Dive Site facts:

  • Location: 26km from Phuket Island

  • Site Depth: 35 meters

  • Site Visibility: 10 – 20 Meters

  • Currents: Mild to Moderate

  • Difficulty Rating: Intermediate diving


Diving Bidah Nok at Koh Phi Phi

Koh Bida Nok is a excellent Phi Phi Diving site located south of Phi Phi Ley. Bida Nok is the outer Island of Koh Bida Nai and Koh Bida Nok.

On the east side of the island you will find a steep reef of large boulders covered with soft coral. In the north eastern side a sheer wall can be found dropping down to 30 meters.

The west side is completely different and you will find small boulders covered with hard corals and gorgonian fans around these a shallow sandy bottom with an average depth of 16 meters.

This area is very good for finding leopard sharks, and the odd Black tip. But also this dive site is excellent for pipefish, nudibranch’s and seahorses.

More information about diving in general in Phi Phi, how to get there and what to do apart from diving at our Dive Phi Phi Islands guide.

Koh Bida Nok Dive Site facts:

  • Location: Two large outcrops directly South of Phi Phi Ley

  • Site Depth: 0 – 30 meters

  • Site Visibility: 10 – 25 meters

  • Currents: Mild / Moderate

  • Difficulty Rating: Easy diving

Diving Koh Doc Mai from Phuket

Scuba Diving Phuket day trips to “Flower Island”. The name Doc Mai means flower in Thai. On top of the island itself, however, there are not so many flowers here.

The Island Koh Doc Mai is huge submerged limestone rock. On the West side you can find a gentle slopping reef and on the East side is a sheer wall. It’s sometimes is overlooked by divers because of the occasionally bad visibility and strong currents.

However this is not correct, this is one of the best dive sites in Thailand for the avid macro enthusiast. It’s fantastic.

Most of the Phuket Diving tends to be focused on the East side of the island. There are two large caverns here one with an entrance of 5 meters.

Here you will be able to find some very unusual marine life consisting off, seahorses, frog fish, white eyed moray eels, sea snakes, and pipefish. The island just has it all.

Look out for the many species of nudibranch’s around the 5 meter mark, and excellent place to make your safety stop!

Koh Doc Mai Dive Site facts:

  • Location: 20km (10 n.mile’s) from Phuket

  • Site Depth: 0 – 32 meters

  • Site Visibility: 5 – 15 meters

  • Currents: Mild to Moderate

  • Difficulty Rating: easy diving

Diving at Racha Yai

Racha Yai is a popular Scuba Diving Phuket site all year round.

In the high season the Island boasts excellent beginner dive sites from Bungalow Bay and Siam Reef, which are edged with pristine powder soft sand and excellent reefs.

In the green season / summer season (or as rainig season, as it was called before) the dive sites on the east coast are accessible and offering you some excellent dive sites.

With the odd rare bent stick pipe fish and even the odd manta ray has been know to make a guest appearance.

The long sloping reef is home to an abundance of hard corals and marine life.

Racha Yai Dive Site facts:

  • 20 Miles from Chalong – Phuket

  • Site Depth: 10 – 45 meters

  • Site Visibility: 20 – 50 meters

  • Currents: Mild

  • Difficulty Rating: All divers, beginner to advanced diving


Diving at Koh Racha Noi

Racha Noi is a popular Scuba Diving Phuket dive site. These two relative small granite islands offer some truly spectacular sites with giant underwater boulders and scenery resembling the Similan Islands, plus a great chance to see a few Manta Rays.

One truly spectacular dive site is the “South Plateau”. Giant boulders are nicely covered with soft corals and the scenery is almost like Similan Islands.

Deep waters around guarantee good visibility and occasional strong current put forward and bigger pelagic’s such as barracudas, leopard sharks, eagle rays, black spotted stingrays, big groupers and manta rays. North Tip has swim through’s,deep diving, current and similar marine life.

An excellent island and a great Phuket Diving site all year round!

Racha Noi Dive Site facts:

  • 20 Miles from Chalong – Phuket

  • Site Depth: 10 – 45 meters

  • Site Visibility: 20 – 50 meters

  • Currents: Mild can be strong in some areas of the island

  • Difficulty Rating: Diving suitable for all divers, beginner +++


Sea Fun 



10 day/ night stay at the Aochalong Resort Villa & Spa. 11 Dives over 4 days, Weights & tank included and Return Flights from London, UK 

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4th Sep, 2020 – 15th Sep, 2020 


10 nights in a twin or double room in the Aochalong Resort Villa & Spa. The resort is set amongst beautiful tropical gardens and overlooks the calm waters of Chalong Bay and stunning offshore islands. Spend hours gazing at the yachts bobbing on the water while lounging by the pool and enjoy delicious dining with tantalizing local delicacies and seafood accompanied by live music in the evening.

Diving and support will be with the PADI 5* rated, Sea Fun Divers, providing everything you need for a fantastic stay in Phuket!

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