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Our Portugal Dive LoveScuba Package Offers a Wide Range of Dive Site Environments

from deep offshore cliff faces to beautiful sandy bays teaming with fish, your visit to Portugal, Madeira, Porto Santo or the Azores will give you the opportunity to dive at the following world renowned sites. 

Jardim das Gorgónias

Location: Sesimbre
Depth: Average 14 m / Maximum 16 m
Level of Diving: Beginner to Experienced Divers

This spot is one of the most popular in the area, only because of its easy orientation and the diversity of life.
In the descent, we are accompanied by a group of Seabreams that seem to guide us to their territory. Reaching the bottom, 15.5mts in front of us is the main rock, we can see on the rock floor some soft corals and gorgonians. If you look carefully you will see some fish that lurk among the corals or are simply sleeping. This rock has several holes and cracks, each one is full of life: Forkbeard fish, Octopuses, Moray, not to mention the diversity of sponges, anemones, algae and lots of sea stars in different colours.
Here we can also find a huge variety of nudibranchs, so, if you are a fan, the camera is indispensable! The best time is between April and September, although some species are all year round.
The most common course is to have the rock on our left side and round it, taking into account that the North side of the rock is less deep and we can make a long dive. When following this course it is possible to see Cuttlefish, Pipefish, white Seabream, several species of corals soft and hard, mixed with schools of fish. If we observe carefully we can see some Zeus Faber, thinking they are disguised...
Take into account that when rounding the rock on our right side there is a large sand area. Look steadily for hiding Flounders, Stingrays and other creatures.
Once the dive has ended it is guaranteed that the Seabreams will be escorting you half way to the surface. Once again we advise keeping the camera ON and ready!
-- Spot description by Ana Ferreira


River Popa 

Location: Sesimbra
Depth: Average 22 m / Maximum 24 m
Level of Diving: Open water to Experienced Divers

River Gurara MV was a Nigerian cargo motor vessel that sank on 25th February 1989 in Cape Espichel, during a strong storm.
The ship broke in the middle, keeping its stern near the coast at an average depth of 23mts.
Here we can see the intact propeller in addition to part of the machine house. There are wrecks scattered around the surrounding area in all directions.
Many fish shelter in the wreck such as large Congers, Pouts, Seabreams, Wrasses, Morays, Squids, Octopuses...
Close to this beautiful spot lies the remaining of the ship, take a look at the River Proa spot.


Pedra da Lagoa

Location: Fonte da Telha
Depth: Average 24 m / Maximum 30 m
Level of Diving: Experienced Divers

Dive much appreciated for the life that it has. However, due to its sea conditions, usually there is some current and it is considered a dive for experienced divers only. The average visibility is 5 to 15mts and the maximum depth is of 30mts.
This spot consists of two stones that are about 20 to 30mts apart. As we approach the largest stone we are surrounded by Seabreams, Triggerfish and often we can see schools of Pouts. This stone has canyon forming shelves where you can see Lobsters, rock Crabs, Mediterranean slipper lobsters, Octopuses and many Congers. These two stones are full of life. Yellow, red, orange and purple are predominant colors due to the various species of sponges, soft corals, starfish urchins, etc. For this reason, there are those who consider the "Lagoon Stone" (translated from the Portuguese) the dive where one can observe more and with a greater diversity of life, in mainland Portugal.


Parede Rabo de Asno 

Location: Berlengas
Depth: Average 0 m / Maximum 30 m
Level of Diving: 

This is the dive that everybody wants to do (its name translated into English: Donkeys Tail Wall). The rock is famous for its wall covered with red Gorgonians and for its cave. Its clear blue waters make the wall similar to a coral wall as we usually find in the tropical seas. In certain parts, the density of the Gorgonias covers the rock completely. Inside the cave, we can still find walls lined with Gorgonians and the shoals of Pouts sometimes cover the sight. A beautiful sight!
It is a dive with usual currents which brings pelagics to feed along the wall. In the extremities of the rock, there are usually Seabream. It is also possible to see Mola Mola.


Location: Berlengas
Depth: Average 18 m / Maximum 24 m
Level of Diving: Beginner to Experienced Divers

2000 ton Italian steam sunk in 1902.
This wreck is the easiest dive in the Berlengas. Its privileged location allows us to dive there when the conditions are not good anywhere else.
Although badly wrecked, the Spring still gives us that "feeling" of diving in a wreck.
Here we can observe Forkbeard, Redfish, Wrasse, Nudibranchs, Lobsters and if we are lucky John Dory and Moon fish can also be seen here.


Ilhas do Martinhal

Location: Sagres
Depth: Average 10 m / Maximum 20 m
Level of Diving: Beginner to Experienced Divers

At this spot we can find a rock block where the sea is normally calm. This allows us to make several different types of dives around the island. We can find corals and gorgonians of different colors as well as crabs, shrimps, anemones, cerianthus and nudibranchs. Sometimes we can find some current, so we need to be careful.


Fragata Comandante Hermenegildo Capelo 

Location: Portimão
Depth: Average 22 m / Maximum 32 m
Level of Diving: Open Water to Experienced Divers

The “Comandante Hermenegildo Capelo Frigate" is the second frigate in a group of four ships ordered in 1964 by the Portuguese Navy. From the point when it was brought into effective service for the Portuguese Navy on 26th April 1968, it took part in several missions in Africa, in various national and international exercises, search and rescue missions and also inspection of the exclusive economic zone. It also undertook voyages for the instruction of naval college trainees.
This shipwreck is part of the Ocean Revival Project. The Ocean Revival Project was born with the intent of promoting Algarve's underwater tourism, making it an exceptional destination. There are also other 3 ships that make part of this project: "Corveta Oliveira e Carmo", "Patrulha Zambeze" and "Navio Hidrográfico Almeida e Carvalho".
This is definitely a shipwreck worth being explored! The lower decks are only accessible to experienced divers as it is necessary to have good buoyancy control to not raise sediments.
However, there is still a lot to explore on the superior decks. This is where you will find lots of life. We can observe several shoals of fish namely Triggerfish and Seabreams that almost act like "dive guides" as they accompany us throughout the entire dive like true hosts of this wreck!



Location: Alcanena
Depth: Average 6 m / Maximum 16 m
Level of Diving: Experienced Divers

The spring of the Almonda river (or "Olho do Moinho da Fonte") is located on the southeastern ridge of the Serra de Aire, Torres Novas anticline resulting from, among others, contact between the Estremenho Calcário Massif and the less permeable soils of the basin of the Tagus.
This karst spring is the exsurgence of the underground hydrological network of the most extensive national karstic system. The Almonda grotto has an approximate development of 10km, with an extensive network of underground, fossil or active galleries. Due to its complexity and size, its exploration and documentation is yet to be completed.
Although the spring is permanent, it is only possible to dive on dry season. It is possible to go trough 1000mts of galleries and a drop of -78mts. In the rainy season, it is impossible to penetrate the system at the source due to the strong current and flow rate. Authorization from the Renova factory is required. (Luís, R. 2018)
-- Spot description by Rui Luis


Location: Matosinhos
Depth: Average 30 m / Maximum 31 m
Level of Diving: Open water to Experienced Divers

U Boat - 1277 is a WWII shipwreck. She was a German submarine Type VIIC/41 from Kriegsmarine. She was constructed on the shipyard of Bremer Vulkan-Vegesacker Werft, Bremen-Vegesack and launched on 3rd May 1944, but only in August was commissioned. She was placed in 8 flotilla in Danzig as Instruction submarine. In February she was transferred to the 11 flotilla in Bergen where she set sail in April. On her active duty, she only made one Patrol and no ships were sunk or damaged on service. On 3rd June 1945, she was scuttled by her crew to avoid the capture of the submarine by the Allies. The crew who disembarked from the boat in rubber dinghies landed on the beach at Angeiras, Oporto, Portugal, but the last ones, who stayed aboard to maneuver the U-1277 were collected by the lifeguard Carvalho Araújo and gone to Leixões.Then the Portuguese authorities handed over the crew to a British warship in Lisbon.
Diving Site:
The wreck of U boat -1277 is located in a North-West direction from Oporto, 2 miles offshore way, laying at a depth of 31mts.
This dive site is only for experienced divers, as advanced level or more is required because normally the visibility is poor, 5mts or less. There are also some fishermen ghost nets that can appear putting in danger the divers. However, it is a dive full lot of sea life. Like a little "oasis" in the sand for sea life.
he hull of the ship is covered with small white anemones (Sargatia elegans), the pout in the thousands, the congres are the largest that can be found in these waters, the huge and curious octopuses, the fantastic lobsters and the wonderful pink anemone community. The North Sea are some of the natural attractions of this wreck. Sometimes we have unexpected encounters with some life that is not very common in these places like rooster or sunfish. In the tower is only the pressure hull, consisting of welded metal plates approximately 22mm thick, the combat periscope still with the shining stainless steel and the hatch without cover.
Despite its deteriorating state, the U-1277 submarine is still one of the main points of interest in sport diving in Portugal and the best in the north of the country.
--Spot description by Luis Mota



Location: Porto Santo
Depth: Average 24 m / Maximum 30 m
Level of Diving: Open Water to Experienced Divers

Cargo ship "Madeirense", about a mile away from the coast and about 34mts below the surface. Here we can find marine spiders, anemones and all kinds of marine life. There are also reefs off the coast nearby and even an archaeological dive site to see ancient cannons.
There are schools of huge fish all around the shipwreck.

Banco Condor

Location: Azores
Depth: Average 0 m / Maximum 200 m
Level of Diving: 

This is the dive that everybody must do in the Azores.

The Condor reef is the most popular place to dive with sharks, especially the blue shark. Here we feel the adrenaline running through our bodies, an intense experience!
While we hike in the "blue" we are aware of shadows that move cautiously beneath us and that are approaching very slowly and with great caution. The blue shark is curious by nature and is approaching and inspecting both the divers and the boat, swimming slowly between them.
An unforgettable dive without doubt!
This dive is possible from the island of Pico or Faial.


Location: Porto Santo
Depth: Average 15 m / Maximum 30 m
Level of Diving: Beginner to Experienced Divers

Corvette General Pereira d'Eça was sunk on Porto Santo on 13th July 2016. It is less than 1 mile away from the coast in a full marine reserve area. Resting at 30mts deep, its main goal was of creating an artificial reef to attract many different species. A beautiful spot to dive into and observe the marine life.


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