PADI ENRICHED AIR (NITROX) COURSE - Thailand, Simple Life Divers
  • 2 days
  • Get trained to extend bottom time at depth using EANX
  • Stay deeper for longer & enhance safety of dives
  • Learn to dive with nitrox mixes of up to 40% oxygen
  • Includes PADI materials & certification
  • Includes all dive equipment
  • Theory, gas planning & analysing workshop + 2 dives
  • Choice of accommodation




Ever wished you could stay down longer but had to end your dive due to your No Decompression Limit? The PADI Enriched Air Specialty will enable you to extend your dive time.


Enriched air diving (sometimes referred to as EANX or Nitrox diving) allows a diver to stay submerged for longer by reducing the amount of nitrogen in our breathing cylinder, replacing it with oxygen. Nitrogen absorption determines our no-decompression limits, so by reducing the amount of nitrogen our body absorbs we can extend our bottom time at depth.


But nothing comes for free! Increasing the oxygen percentage of our breathing gas creates an elevated risk of oxygen toxicity, therefore additional planning steps and procedures are needed to safely enjoy the benefits of diving with nitrox.


The PADI Nitrox course certifies you to safely dive with nitrox blends containing up to 40% oxygen, to extend your bottom time and/or enhance the safety of your dives.


Plus the course gives us the opportunity to make two deep dives on nitrox, enjoying extra dive time as we explore dive sites off Koh Tao. (If you are getting really serious about diving, enriched air diver training is a prerequisite for technical diver training).

PADI ENRICHED AIR (NITROX) COURSE - Thailand, Simple Life Divers

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  • Upon purchase, you will be sent an electronic certificate which is to be presented to our collaborating Dive Center (Simple Life Divers).

    Our Simple Life Divers representative will then provide you with your PADI Pack and  help you arrange your dive schedue & accomodation needs.

    Prior to presenting your Certificate, please ensure that you:

    • Print your name on the Certificate in the space provided
    • Write down your order on the bottom of the Certificate in the space provided

    However, should you wish to have your PADI Pack sent to a different e-mail address:

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